Content Soup’s been hitting the headlines this week, and we’ve seen first-hand the power of a good news piece.

After sending out a press release to our contacts in the business media, announcing that our new PR agency has landed, the articles started appearing. In just a couple of hours, our story got over 1,000 hits on popular website Bdaily and has since become the most read story on the website, which the editor told us they’ve never seen before for a regional story. We’re even above a Man United article.

When our faces popped up on Business Desk news yesterday, the bible for business people across the region, we started receiving email after email from people congratulating us on our new venture, and LinkedIn requests and views on our profiles came in thick and fast, as did new Twitter followers.

The articles have been shared and shared again on Twitter and Facebook (over 4,000 reach so far from the latter) and our website traffic – and Google rankings – have shot up. And most importantly, in the two days of the articles appearing, we’ve had five new business opportunities off the back of people reading them and getting in touch to see what we can do for them.

Now that’s influence!