We had one of those amazing PR moments last week when the phone went crazy with journalists ringing US for our story.

As PR people know only too well, national news sell-ins can be touch and go – you usually get a ‘just send it over and we’ll take a look’, might even get roasted for your pitch going on too long, or sometimes, just sometimes, you get into a proper conversation with the rushed journalist on the other end of the phone. And this time it was definitely the latter.

After carefully selecting a list of print and online media we knew well and thought would be interested in content around the UK’s first bespoke cycling suit for businessmen, we hit the phones to pitch a story for our client Owen Scott Tailors.

We knew we had a UK first – always a winner – and we’d made sure we got some strong photography to go with it as it was all about showing the quirky suit in all its glory.

It’s fair to say it caught the media’s imagination. The BBC, Times, Telegraph, Express, Mail, GQ and specialist business, cycling and fashion websites all ran with the story (with links back to the Owen Scott website), and we got page leads in local papers the Yorkshire Evening Post and Huddersfield Examiner (where Owen Scott has shops). The phone rang all day with requests for more images, interviews, filming opportunities and suit samples and we struggled to keep up with all the Google Alerts and excited phone calls with our client.

Twitter went mad with retweets, congratulations messages and new followers, while Facebook fans and engagement levels also shot up. Visitors to the Owen Scott website increased ten-fold, appointments at the Leeds, Huddersfield and London shops were booked, and most importantly, suits were sold.

Our client Scott summed it up well: “It’s been such a fantastic week, thank you for all your efforts. We’ve never had so much interest and it’s put our brand out there further than we could ever have imagined. It’s been a pleasure working with you on it…now let’s see how we can take over the world!”