It’s been another winning week at Content Soup as we approach our two month birthday – where did time go?! Our little PR and content agency has got off to an absolutely flying start and we are so grateful for all the support we’ve had so far. Thank you.

So while we’ve been busy winning new clients, getting stuck into PR campaigns and trying to master VAT, we’ve also brought our heads up long enough to see what other cool stuff is going on in the world this week. Here’s our top five.      

1. Food glorious food

There seems to be a theme with our ‘we love’ posts and that’s grub. We’re loving Leeds’ restaurant scene at the moment – we ate at a Persian teahouse called Darvish at the weekend which Jamie Oliver described as a ‘British hidden gem’. Suckers for a celebrity endorsement, and it didn’t disappoint (despite having a camel’s toe proudly mounted on the wall).

We also can’t wait for The Man Behind The Curtain to open above Flannels soon (from the people behind Blind Swine in York), and we’re busy planning the launch for a Shoreditch-style chicken restaurant in the city centre. Next up it’s Leeds Food and Drink Festival at the end of May – better start saving the calories.

2.       The power of Pinterest

We’re huge crusaders of this social media channel – so many inspirational ideas, from crafts to clothes to weddings to recipes. One of us is finally buying a new kitchen so Pinterest has never been so handy, and has again confirmed that when it comes to actually influencing purchasing behaviour and getting people to spend, this channel in particular far outweighs others for us (I can’t stop buying). We’re dying to do a good Pinterest campaign for a retail client – let us at it!

3.       Cupcake ATM

This popped up in New York this week, and got women across the globe (or just those in our social media feeds?) talking about how genius it is. A 24-hour cupcake ATM machine. Instead of cash, visitors were treated to a selection of cupcakes. A clever PR stunt of course, but might we see this catching on over here? Whoever’s in charge, we’ll have one outside our HQ please.

4.       Aldi’s iPad

On Thursday, Aldi released its revamped budget tablet to compete with iPads and other supermarket versions. Priced at just £80, it undercuts Tesco’s Hudl by £40. We thought we might invest in one for the office, but it’d pretty much sold out before it had even hit the shelves. Should’ve known.

5.       The clocks going forward

Well not quite yet…but on Sunday we rejoice in a future of lighter nights and beer gardens. We’ll drink to that!