The sun is shining and the temperature’s hotting up, which is making us very happy indeed. Here’s our top five loves this week:

 1.       The kissing video

A video of complete strangers kissing has gone super viral. Made by amateur film maker, Tatia Pilieva, it’s awkward yet lovely to watch, and has spread like wildfire on social media. What we’d most like to know is if any of these kissing couples have now become ‘actual’ couples.

 2.       Leeds Market

We’ve visited Leeds Market a couple of times recently and we love it.  So many bargains to be had, interesting characters to see and delicious food to sample. Plus, Cafe Moor is in there now, which serves the best Middle Eastern food around. Yum.


We are huge dog fans and recently stumbled upon, a website where dog owners are paired with local non dog owners, or borrowers, for walks, play days, sleepovers and holidays. It’s perfect for dog lovers who can’t commit to owning a dog full time, but who want to spend time with a cute pooch whilst their owner is away. We’re fully signed up and can’t wait for our first dog-sitting session!

4.       Indian street food

Real Indian street food is an absolute taste sensation, so imagine our delight when we found out that Bundobust, a new restaurant specialising in just that, is set to open in Leeds soon. And Drighlington-based Prashad, the best Indian restaurant outside India itself, is involved in the venture, which makes us even more excited.  Praise the Food Lord.

5.       Festivals

Festival season is almost upon us and that excites us no end. There really is nothing better than sipping beer in a field with friends whilst watching your favourite band. Plus, they give us the opportunity to create some really fun experiential campaigns for our clients who want to get their brands there and communicate directly with their target audiences.